insideQuantum tells the stories of the people working on quantum technologies, both in academia, industry and beyond. Our aim is to showcase the diverse range of people working tirelessly to design and build the technologies of the future, to let them tell their stories and share their advice to others wanting to follow in their footsteps or even embark upon their own journey into the exciting and fast-moving realm of quantum technologies.

Each episode features a different guest, chosen from a wide variety of backgrounds, jobs and career stages, including guests from both academia and industry. Over the course of a 20-30 minute chat we’ll hear all about their story, and how they got to where they are now. What got them interested in quantum physics? Where did they start, what has their journey so far been like, what advice do they have for others interested in getting into the field, and what do they think the future holds for quantum technologies?



The podcast is presented and produced by Dr Steven Thomson (he/him), a postdoctoral researcher in theoretical condensed matter physics and freelance science writer. Steven is currently a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at Freie Universität Berlin on the European Commission project ‘Ergodicity Breaking in Quantum Matter’, working in the group of Prof. Jens Eisert. He has previously been a a postdoctoral researcher at Collège de France, the Centre de Physique Théorique, École Polytechnique, and the Institut de Physique Théorique (CEA Paris-Saclay). He received his PhD in theoretical physics from the University of St Andrews in 2016.

Behind the scenes

The art and design work for the website was done by Jess Catton (she/her), who also provides behind-the-scenes support for various aspects of insideQuantum, including assistance running our social media accounts.

The website, Twitter account and Medium blog are run by Dr Steven Thomson (he/him).

Audio editing, mixing and mastering is done by Dr Steven Thomson (he/him) and by Jonáš Fuksa. You can learn more about Jonáš here!

Co-ordination, scheduling of guests and general e-mail wrangling by Dr Steven Thomson (he/him) and Elies Gil-Fuster. (If you e-mail insideQuantum, it’ll likely be one of us who responds!)

We also gratefully acknowledge various other members of the Eisert Group at Freie Universität Berlin for help, support and general encouragement in getting this podcast off the ground. Thanks also to Jacopo Penzo, Ethan Hansen and Michał Stęchły for generously sharing their podcasting wisdom!

Becoming a guest

If you’d like to be a guest on a future episode, please fill in the Google Form here and give us some details about you - who you are, what you do, your career journey so far, and what parts of your individual story you’d like to share with our audience.

insideQuantum is particularly interested in giving a platform to people from marginalised or underrepresented groups within the quantum technology ecosystem, and to researchers and developers who can act as role models for the community, for example through their involvement in schemes such as open access publishing, open data or other community-minded programmes. We will consider applications from anyone who wants to come and talk with us, regardless of career stage or seniority, and we will make every effort to proactively invite guests from underrepresented groups. If you have suggestions for people we should get in touch with, please get in touch by e-mail.

Financial support

insideQuantum has received funding from a Unitary Fund microgrant. If you, or any organisation you work with, would like to provide further support to this project, please do get in touch.