Promote Diverse Voices

The researchers working on quantum technologies come from a wide range of backgrounds. Each of them are on their own journeys, have faced their own challenges, and each has their own unique and fascinating story to tell.

Research, be it academic or industrial, is an increasingly international endeavour. Researchers move from country to country, go on extended research visits to places they’ve never been before, and even attend conferences on different continents. This leads to a vast range of people working on quantum technology in all its aspects, each from a different background and a different journey to talk about. We’ll talk with people about their journeys, the challenges they’ve overcome, the lessons learned along the way and the advice they’d give to others starting out on journeys of their own. We particularly wish to provide a platform for people from communities which are underrepresented in physics, in order to listen and learn from their stories and help the quantum technology community be a place where everyone is welcome.